Shipment Compliance

Do I Need A Certificate For Exporting To Kenya?

Products subject to the PVoC and requiring a Certificate of Conformity

Yes – if you are shipping regulated products to Kenya you will need a Certificate of Conformity.

Regulated Products

Products covered but not limited to include:

  • Toys
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals and Hygiene Products
  • Tiles and Sanitary Ware
  • Food and Food Products
  • Textiles
  • Rubber
  • Leather and Plastic
  • Used Textiles and Footwear

Some Products Are Exempt From Certificate of Conformity

A CoC is not required for the following products, however Exporters are advised to verify with KEBS for a full list of Excluded, Prohibited, and Restricted Products.

Excluded, Prohibited, and Restricted Products include:

  • Goods certified by KEBS under the Diamond Mark certification Scheme
  • Printed Matter
  • New Vehicles
  • Express Courier Shipments

High Risk products

The following High-Risk Products are identified to undergo mandatory Inspection and Testing:

  • Sugar
  • Cereal and pulses such as Rice, Wheat, Beans, Maize etc. (except pre-packaged rice and beans not exceeding 10Kgs)
  • Fertilizer (except bagged folia fertilizer not exceeding 25kg)
  • Animal and fishery products (fresh and frozen - not further processed)
  • Fresh dairy products
  • Fresh horticultural produce
  • Used or second hand goods

Minimum Energy Performance (MEP) and Labelling Requirements

The below listed products must comply with the Minimum Energy Performance and labelling requirements in addition to the safety Standard requirements:

  • Self-ballasted lamps
  • Double capped fluorescent lamps
  • Ballasts for fluorescent lamps
  • Refrigerating appliances
  • Non-ducted air conditioners
  • Three-phase cage induction motors

For the latest list of products and updates for MEP and labelling requirements, contact your nearest Intertek Office.

Shelf life Requirements

  • All Food products shall have more than seventy five percent (75%) shelf life from the date of expected arrival in Kenya.
  • Non-food products with limited shelf life shall have more than fifty percent (50%) shelf life from the date of arrival in Kenya
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